mercredi 20 mai 2015

OI! MADE IN INDONESIA unity in diversity (2013)

                      COMPILATION OI (INDONESIE)

1. Dom 65: Televistor
2. Dom 65: 8 To 8
3. No Man’s Land: Riot Society
4. No Man’s Land: Game Over
5. GlorypoinT: Bebas Bekerja
6. GlorypoinT: I Want A Better LDR
7. Firecrackers: Anti Fasis Anti Rasis
8. Firecrackers: Muda Bangga
9. Skinlander: Look Out
10. Skinlander: Cheers
11. Self Revolution: Sepiring Nasi
12. Self Revolution: Young And Proud
13. Sta-Prest Boys: Here We Are
14. Sta-Prest Boys: Don’t Leave Us
15. Spirit Of Oi!: Spirit Of Oi!
16. Spirit Of Oi!: Yes, We Are Proud
17. Full Time Skins: Tanah Airku
18. Full Time Skins: Red Indonesian Skinhead
19. The Young’s Boot: Skinhead Girl
20. The Young’s Boot: Punk & Skin
21. United Blood: Children Victim Of War
22. United Blood: We Always Remember You
23. Moonstomp: Nothing To Regret
24. Moonstomp: Rebellion Youth Crew
25. The NagNagNag: Song Of The NagNagNag



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