vendredi 7 octobre 2016

RUDE BOY SCORCHER vol.3 (2010)


  1. chain gang (WINSTON FRANCIS)
  2. from russia with love (THE SOULBROTHERS)
  3. hold down miss winey (GLEN ADAMS)
  4. uncle charly (THE MELLOTONES)
  5. sh boom (THE ETHOPHIANS)
  6. the russians are coming (VAL BENNET)
  7. drink milk (THE DOMINOES)
  8. mighty quinn (THE GAYLETTES)
  9. reggae from the ghetto (JOHN HOLT)
  10. bbc (NICKY THOMAS)
  11. sick and tired (NEVILLE GRANT)
  12. foey man (GEORGE DEKKER)
  13. mix up gal (THE CREATIONS)
  14. mash up the resident (SHORTY)
  15. ufo (GEOFFREY CHUNG)

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